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Best news templates for blogger

The free news blog template is designed for advertising and cash needs to be used on newspaper blog and magazine blog sites. On this website you will get free responsive news website templates for Blogger Platform/Blogspot Platform. Newsplus is one of the easiest and most powerful magazine templates for bloggers.

FlexNews FlexNews is an optimized, fast loading, customizable and amazing Blogger theme for news sites, blogs and magazines. ExpressNews is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, responsive design, right sidebar, premade ads, footer columns, sliders, social bookmark icons, post thumbnails, tabs, breadcrumbs, background art, related posts support and neutral flowers.

Free Simple Flat WordPress News Blog Theme To create a stunning newspaper style blogger template, you need to download this template. Simple You News Dark Free WordPress Blog Template With this awesome template you can put your news blog title at the beginning.

The Newstopia Blogger template is the perfect theme for bloggers looking for the exact same news and magazine blog theme as the best magazine blog blog themes. News blog templates will help you create a professional looking blogger blog news portal, which means these blogger themes are optimized for daily news updates. Most of these high-quality products come with responsive designs, so your blog can adapt perfectly to all types of devices.


This amazing free Blogspot theme is highly customizable and useful for personal blogs. Sana Blogger Template is one of the Blogger blog themes with a very stylish design including a Hero header where you can add your blog slogan and description for additional SEO benefits, you can use this theme for any personal blog or you can blog about such niches like travel, photography, makeup, beauty, fashion, etc. The Sana Blogger template is designed to create minimalist, elegant, clean and simple blogs. You can blog for niches such as photography, food blog, reviews, recipes, daily blog, OOTD, personal blog, online store, clothing, etc.

Well designed Blogger templates are very stylish and at the same time 100% highly responsive, great quality, super stylish, premium design. The Blogger theme is perfect for a photo or image based blog or portable web. Ember is Colorlib’s original design and code, which means you can expect the highest possible quality when it comes to Blogger themes or any website template in general.

The Lexel Blogger template is a unique theme filled with many features that will make your site stand out from the crowd. Pulse has great features like sticky menu bar, popular posts widget, recent posts widget and so on. Download this theme to give your blog a great look. Like other Blogger templates, XPress is also suitable for all kinds of news websites, personal blogs, food bloggers, sports magazines and so on. Contains features like latest news bar, mega menu, auto carousel, multi-tab widgets, ad support, 4-column footer area, jQuery slider, Font Awesome icons, Share and Social buttons, Theia sticky sidebar , Instagram Lite, RTL support and more. ..


Sure, News Paper’s free Blogger template is a website cover for newsprint-style pages, but you can also easily edit it for other projects like online magazines. Designed with perfection and an elegant look, News Blogger templates are suitable for creating any type of blog, but creating a news blog will be very useful and you will be able to use all the settings and options with it.

Combining the above features with their powerful admin panels and interactive aspects, these templates are simply the best news blog options on the market. In order to maintain a low bounce rate, these professional News and Magazine Blogger templates have been designed with the latest technologies and features listed below, which not only improve website loading speed but also enhance user experience. The news portal blog templates are designed with such facts in mind, so they are 100% responsive in nature.

The most important element of news portal blog templates is that they must be compatible with devices so that a person can find out about all the latest and upcoming events. A basic requirement for any news blog is to have fully responsive blog post templates so that you can access the latest developments in your blog header templates using HTML5. Fast Loading News Blog Website Template If you update your news blog every hour when new news arrives, you need to check out some news blog templates.


Modern News Free WordPress Blog Template If you are starting a news blog, next on your checklist should be downloading a free magazine template for modern news bloggers. The perfect free WordPress theme for online news and magazines. You can use this awesome news blogger website template if you want to create a website with a news blog design that makes a difference. Story Mag News Mag is one of the most popular high-speed, multi-functional, uniquely designed and extremely beautiful models.

Personal Mag is the perfect design for modern personal and professional galleries, blogs that spread news and stories online. Mega Mag Mega Mag blogger is a stylish, colorful and easy to use template with over 10 latest tag post styles.

A fantastic Blogger magazine template suitable for news sites in any field, be it health, technology or science, Better Mag will find a use for any of these situations. SpotNews is fully responsive and compatible with all devices.

Limitless News Limitless News is an amazing template with the most immaculate and creative plan, all featured posts are planned, this template contains various shortcode highlights. This model also has an alternative to dark mode, you can also change the message number and email content subscription text, everything can be checked in the format, the model is more stable, and the points are performed much more advanced.

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